Manage customer subscriptions to Pricing Plans

When customers subscribe to a particular plan or offer, the customer is associated with the corresponding Pricing Plan in Amberflo. The subscription terms such as the commitment length (how many billing cycles the customer is subscribed to a plan by default) will be configurable as a result of a forthcoming update to Billing Cloud that enables commitment management. Other terms such as the billing period, and invoice grace period can be configured when building the Pricing Plan.

If a customer wishes to unsubscribe from a plan (assuming there is no contracted commitment), that customer is simply disassociated with the corresponding Pricing Plan in Amberflo. From that point on, any metered usage will not be applied to an invoice. A user can create a default plan (such as a Free tier) that would automatically be assigned to any customers who unsubscribe from any other (i.e. Paid) tier.

See Pricing Plan Lifecycle Management for details on assigning and changing active Pricing Plans.