Backfill Meters and Customers

Backfill Meters

You can backfill as many meter events as you like.
Each event must include a customerID.

Backfill Customers

You can backfill as many customers as you like.
The customer backfill pipeline is run separately from meter ingestion.
You can run the customer backfill ingestion pipeline before, after or in parallel to meter backfill.

Customer ingestion pipeline enables you to enrich the customer object. To automatically associate meter events with customers being ingested via the customer backfill pipeline, the customerIDs must match to the meter events.

Customer object contains the CustomerID and additional attributes (name, email, currency, and custom properties).

Meter data older than 24 hours can take up to 24 hours for processing

Expect up to 24 hours for historical backfill data that is older than 24 hours to show up on Usage and Billing dashboards.

Realtime processing
Meter data that is up to 24 hours old (but not older) is processed, transformed, aggregated, time series sliced, and grouped by dimension in realtime.
The realtime pipeline runs end to end all the way from ingestion through pricing and invoicing, whereby, you see running invoices total with line items breakout in realtime.

Up to 24 hours delayed processing
Historical events older than 24 hours are processed periodically out of turn of the realtime pipeline. Over time we will further shrink this duration (lag) window.


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