Metering Cloud

Amberflo Metering Services enables you to ask and answer the following question in real-time and with accuracy:
What was used by whom, when, where, and how much?

Amberflo Meter Event data structure encapsulates this the following way -

WhatMeter name and API name
How muchMeter value

Accurate, Real-time, Secure, and Single Source of Truth for Usage and Consumption Data
Meters are facts! And you need to be able to rely on your metering service to be accurate and operate as the single source of truth for usage and consumption data.
Amberflo Cloud Metering Service is designed from the ground up to be just that. See Highly Accurate

Standardized way to meter and track usage across all systems and sources
Amberflo provides you a standardized and flexible (see below) API interface to meter product usage across your technology stack. Standardization allows you to move faster, improve cross-team collaboration and data sharing, focus resources on building your core products and services, reduce or eliminate metering and billing remediation issues, and delight customers.

Meter and Instrument any resource type
A standardized and flexible meter definition API and data structure serves as the foundational primitive for driving accuracy, visibility, and insights across internal teams and customers.

Meter Independently of Pricing and Billing
Amberflo Cloud Metering Service is designed to operate independently of pricing and billing. This is by design so you get a highly scalable system of record of usage and consumption data, independent of pricing and billing. It is loosely coupled to Amberflo Usage-Based Pricing and Billing Service. You can choose to only deploy Cloud Metering Service and use the API to extract data to feed third party systems.

Integrates with existing technology stack
No rip and replace. Works with your existing technology stack. We provide several language specific SDKs and direct third party system integrations to make it easy to deploy a standardized metering platform and framework. See Meter Ingestion Options

Automatic Data Transformation and Aggregation
All the heavy lift of ingestion, transformation, aggregation, time series distribution, on-demand invoice and bill generation is automatically handled for you. Just send us the meters, we take care of the rest.

Real-time Alerts & Notifications
Usage and Cost limits can be easily set and alerts are generated in realtime.

Usage Explorer
On-demand, realtime, fast and actionable usage reports and invoices.

API First
We are an API First, Platform company. All feature and artifacts can be interacted upon using our APIs and SDKs.


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