Custom Currency and billing in multiple currencies

Many large enterprises will create a custom currency or usage credit, and then build their pricing models in terms of these credits. This abstracts the usage from the dollar spend and can help simplify billing for companies with a global customer base.

Create a new Custom Currency by selecting Pricing -> Custom Currency from the main navigation menu.

Assigning a Default Currency to Customers

Each customer in Amberflo has an assigned currency. The default currency in Amberflo is USD, so all backend calculations must be in terms of USD. But this charge in USD can be converted to another currency according to the customer's assigned currency.

Every customer in Amberflo is assigned a default currency which can be viewed and edited from the Customer view. To bill a customer in some currency that is not USD, select the desired currency as the default. This can be accessed from the Customer view.


Amberflo will calculated the invoice amount in terms of the custom currency, then apply the rate from the Conversion Table you defined in order to convert the invoice amount to the customer's default (non-USD) currency.

Creating a Custom Currency

To create a custom currency, select Pricing from the main navigation menu, then select Custom Currency from the sub-menu that appears.

Provide a name and display name (abbreviation) for the custom currency. For example, Demo Currency and DCU. Then provide the conversion rate for the custom currency and USD (ie. 1 DCU = $1).

Activating the custom currency from the toggle shown in the screenshot below will ensure all invoices are calculated in terms of the custom currency.


Creating a Conversion Table

After navigating to the Setup Conversion Table view, select Add Conversion Table.

This table is where you can define the conversion rate between the custom currency (DCU) and any other world currency. It is important that you define a conversion rate for all currencies that are selected as default currencies across your customer base. If no conversion rate is provided, the customer will see their bill in USD.