Durability and Scalability

We understand metering and tracking of usage data is mission critical. Once generated, the data must be persisted (and cannot be dropped).

Amberflo Cloud Metering and Usage-based Pricing and Billing Platform is designed to be highly available, durable, and scalable.

Our SDKs provide built-in features such as batching, automatic or scheduled data flushing, response codes, and more.


High Durability

Once metered data is ingested into Amberflo we guarantee durability. We store and persist your meters in their original, immutable format in a highly durable data store with eleven 9s (99.999999999%) of durability. The Amberflo platform is designed from the ground up to allow you to rebuild your usage data store and index from scratch at any time, if needed.

High Scalability

Our platform architecture leverages modern, cloud-native distributed computing primitives to automatically scale ingestion and query endpoints, delivering fast and reliable endpoints to our customers.

We invite you to benchmark our endpoints (both ingestion and query) against other existing systems and correlate performance curves. Additionally, we stand behind our claims of the best cost-to-performance ratio for a commercially-available Cloud Metering System.