Integrating with your application

With Amberflo customer portal integration, you can show the usage and billing data back to your customers.

There are a few alternatives:

  1. Fully Hosted customer portal
  2. Amberflo embeddable UI components.
  3. API integration using the customer portal APIs.

API flow:

  1. Generate a customer-specific session. You can check here how to Obtain a session token and redirect url for the customer portal
  2. Call customer portal APIs using the session in the X-API-KEY header.
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Adding a Custom Business Logo

By default, your customer portal header will display a default logo. For a more customized experience, you can add your business logo.

To do this, first go to Settings > Business > Branding and click the + button. Choose a PNG, JPG or SVG file that is less than 1MB.


A preview of what your new customer portal header will look like will appear after uploading your new logo.


You now have a custom business logo being displayed in your customer portal!