Integrating with your application

With Amberflo customer portal integration, you can show the usage and billing data back to your customers.

There are a few alternatives:

  1. Fully Hosted customer portal
  2. Amberflo ui-kit, embeddable UI components. The UI kit is a set of prebuilt UI components for building your billing tab based on Amberflo data. You can check SDK library integration for the full list of components
  3. API integration using the customer portal APIs.

API flow:

  1. Generate a customer-specific session. You can check here how to Obtain a session token and redirect url for the customer portal
  2. Call customer portal APIs using the session in the X-API-KEY header.
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Adding a Custom Business Logo

By default, your customer portal header will display a default logo. For a more customized experience, you can add your business logo.

To do this, first go to Settings > Business > Branding and click the + button. Choose a PNG, JPG or SVG file that is less than 1MB.


A preview of what your new customer portal header will look like will appear after uploading your new logo.


You now have a custom business logo being displayed in your customer portal!