ERP - NetSuite

NetSuite Integration

The Amberflo integration with NetSuite provides automated invoicing, billing, and payments reconciliation for operating a usage-based business using your NetSuite service.

The integration is built using Workato as the middleware. We leverage Workato's out-of-the-box webhooks to map customer and invoice data from Amberflo into NetSuite. Likewise, it is possible to configure Amberflo to pick up events from other systems; such as when a customer is created or account updated in NetSuite, this can trigger a corresponding customer creation in Amberflo.

Amberflo generates data payloads via webhooks as events happen (for example, an invoice is created in Amberflo). Workato Recipes are used to ingest the Webhook events and payloads (in this case, the customer and invoice data), then map them to NetSuite for downstream actions like reconciliation and tax calculations.

This allows for a seamless, end-to-end data flow where usage is tracked and invoices are generated in Amberflo, then automatically delivered to NetSuite for payment and reconciliation.

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