Prepaid Credits

Amberflo allows you to increase predictability for customers and internal accounting teams alike with modern usage-based constructs such as bulk-buy and wallet-based billing models.

Customers can purchase services in bulk by paying for a certain amount of Credits upfront. Each purchase adds a prepaid Card of that amount to the customer's Wallet. Subsequent usage is drawn-down against the Wallet balance in real time. Invoices will still show usage and the cost of each line item, however they will not show any payment due until the prepaid balance in the Wallet is exhausted.

Amberflo can enable "top-up" functionality, where a notification is triggered when the Wallet balance crosses a threshold amount, prompting the customer to repurchase additional Prepaid Credits.

If there is an error in billing a customer or you retroactively would like to apply a discount or promotion to a customer account, Amberflo allows you to allocate free Credits to a customer account. These would be applied to the customer Wallet and drawn-down against the outstanding balance; the customer's payment method would not be charged again until these Credits were exhausted. The screenshot below shows how Prepaid Credits are applied to the subtotal on an Invoice.

Adding Prepaid Credits

To add prepaid credits to a customer's account, navigate to the correct customer profile by selecting their name from the Customers tab. A screenshot of the screen to define the Prepaid amount with any conditions is shown below:

Provide a name for the transaction and define the prepaid amount. Selecting One-Time will make the transaction a one-off, while Recurring will take place once per billing period.

Selecting the checkbox for 'Apply a Condition to Prepaid Credits' will allow you to restrict the credits to a specific product item or dimension combination.

You must also select how the customer will be charged for the transaction. The 'Now' option will be available if Stripe is connected with the customer's payment information available to be charged. If Stripe is not configured, select 'Reconcile Later'.

After saving the credits with 'Reconcile Later' selected, return to the customer profile view. There, you will see the pending prepaid transaction with the tag 'Requires Action'. See the screenshot below:

Once payment is received in your third-party payment system, select 'Activate' and provide the transaction-id to confirm the payment. After saving this information, the credits are 'activated' and able to be drawn down against usage.

Credits Expiration

Prepaid credits will be automatically managed by Amberflo, with the balance tracked and drawn down against according to billable usage. All prepaid credits in Amberflo have an expiration date; after this expiration date, the credits are no longer valid and they will be subtracted from the balance.

To configure the expiration date, select Pricing then Prepaid Credits from the main navigation menu, then select Manage. This will allow you to input a new expiration date. You can select days, weeks, months, or years from the dropdown.