Billing Reporting

Realtime dashboard showing aggregated revenue

The Billing Analytics tool provides an out-of-the-box interactive view of revenue segmented by customer, metered product items, or by any pricing plan that has been deployed.

It delivers to your fingertips, realtime, actionable insights on -
-which metered items are being used
-how much revenue each product item is generating
-which capabilities are most valuable to each customer
-what pricing plans are the most profitable

Using Billing Analytics you can select any time range and interval and see the revenue data aggregated with percentage change to give you an accurate, data-backed view into how your product is being adopted and which areas are driving revenue.

Billing by Customer

The Customer view shows revenue generated from each customer broken down by product item. You can drill down into a specific customer and select which product items are shown from a checkbox list.


Clicking on a customer allows you to drill down into their usage. You can see that customer's spend broken down by product item. On the table, each day shows the spend on that product item and the percentage change from the previous day. You have full control over the time range and intervals.

To see the graph view of spend on a particular product item, simply select that product item.


Billing by Pricing Plan

The Pricing Plan view shows revenue broken down by pricing plans. If you have multiple pricing plans, such as a Starter and a Pro plan, this view allows you to easily compare plan performance over selected time ranges and intervals.


Selecting a pricing plan from the list will show the top five revenue-generating customers for that pricing plan.


Billing by Product Item

The Product Item view shows revenue generated broken down by each respective product item. If you have multiple pricing plans with different product items, they will all be listed in this view. Revenue generated per day and the daily percentage change are shown in the table view. You can select any time range and interval.


Selecting a product item from the list will show the top five customers by their spend on that product item, same as shown in the Pricing Plan view.