Pricing Plans Lifecycle Management

Amberflo provides full lifecycle management of Pricing Plans

When you first create a plan it is in Draft mode. You can make changes (change line items, prices on items, etc.) while in Draft mode. You can save a pricing plan while in Draft mode and revisit later to make additional changes.

To move the plan into production, you change it to the Active state. Once a plan has been set to Active state AND Saved, the plan can no longer be edited.

Assign Plan to Customers
Active plans can be assigned to customers.

Default Plan
One plan is always designated as the Default Plan. If you have more than one plan you specify which plan is set as the Default. Only Active plans can be set as Default Plan. If there is only one plan, that plan becomes the Default Plan.

When a new customer is created in Amberflo, the Default Plan is automatically assigned to that customer.

Update an Active Plan
if you wish to make a change to a plan (change price, add/delete line items), it is handled in the following way:

Create a new plan
Create a new plan with the changes you want. To accelerate creating a new plan, you can simply start by copying an existing plan.

Activate the newly created plan.
Deprecate the plan you wanted to change. When you select deprecate, you will be presented an option to select a new plan on which to migrate customers assigned to the current plan you wish to deprecate. Select the newly created and activated plan from the list. Once confirmed, the new plan is in place. The migration of customers is automatic and takes place at the end of their current billing period.

Deprecate (retire) a Plan
If you wish to retire a plan, Amberflo makes it easy to retire plans and provide you out-of-the-box options for automatically migrating customers to a new plan.

Automatic migration of customers
When you retire a plan, you are presented with options to automatically assign customers to a new plan based on billing cycle.