Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans are collections of fixed and metered product items. Pricing Plans and the roll up of items comprising the pricing plan are what is used to calculate a customer's invoice.

Amberflo offers out-of-the-box templates for the following models:

  • Usage-based - customer pays for what was used during the billing period
  • Seat-based - customer pays for the number of active objects (files, users, etc.) at the end of the billing period
  • Subscriptions - customer pays a flat rate for the billing period (can also support an overage model)
  • Custom (Hybrid) - mix and match elements from usage-based and fixed pricing

Default Pricing Plan
There is always a default pricing plan. If there is only one pricing plan, that becomes the default. If there are more than one, you configure the default. A customer will be automatically assigned the default pricing plan when the first usage is ingested for that customer if a plan is not already assigned.

Subscribe to Pricing Plans
Customers subscriptions to pricing plans can be managed via API or directly from the Amberflo console. When a customer subscribes to a pricing plan, the customer is associated with the corresponding plan in Amberflo; these product items and rates are applied to the customer's usage to generate the metered invoice.