Create Customer

Since Cloud Metering is a usage tracking system, the usage (as defined and collected by meters) must be attributed to something. Most often this will be a customer, but it can also be any other entity or object (e.g. department, project, group, environment, user, vehicle, etc.).
You can create a customer record via the Console or API.

Note: CustomerID can also be supplied at the time of meter ingestion. Make a call to Customer Object API to create a customer ID and name.

  1. At the source where meter event originates.
  2. As an enrichment step between source and prior to Amberflo meter ingestion


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Create Meters

A meter is a resource being consumed or event to be tracked within the system you are looking to measure with the relevant dimensions (key-value pairs for custom metadata). They track the utilization of your system (what resource, how much, when, and by whom it is being consumed).



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Ingest Meters

Simply call the Amberflo meter ingestion endpoint or use the Ingest Meter View shown below.



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Create Product Items

Create the Product Items that make up your Product Catalogue. Associate the Product Item Name with the meter that is collecting the corresponding event. These items will appear as line items on the invoices you send to customers.



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Create Pricing Plan and Associate with Customer

After creating the product items making up your product catalogue, the next step is to create a pricing plan. You must provide a name for the plan and define the billing period as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.


Once the plan is created, you can add product items to the plan, apply fixed-rate add-ons and prepaid credits, and handle any custom currencies, rewards, or promotions.



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Create Alerts

Amberflo can notify users of signals via email/web hooks/Slack.
A signal can be defined on a specific customer, or on all customers based on a percentage change, threshold value, or absolute value.

Signal examples:

  1. Get an email for any customer that exceeds 1000 hours per week.
  2. Get a Slack message for any customer that uses 20% fewer resources week-over-week.
1621 2260

Below is an example of the message shown to users when the signal is thrown.



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