Write meters directly to an Amberflo supplied and secured AWS S3 bucket

Amberflo provides you an Amazon S3 bucket with access rights and controls to write meters.

It automatically picks up the meters for processing as they arrive into the bucket.
Response codes are written back into the bucket.
There are many ways to write to S3. You can use AWS S3 SDK, AWS Glue, Logstash, Fluentd and other tools.

Please log in to the Amberflo Console to get the S3 bucket details that Amberflo enables for you.


The meter records you send to the S3 bucket should be of the same standardized format as outlined in the Create Meter section.

The records can be delimited or grouped as a JSON array.


    "customerId": "customerXXXX",
    "meterApiName": "ComputeHours",
    "meterValue": 1,
    "time": "1602278007516",
    "dimensions": {
        "region": "us-west-2",
        "az": "az1"