Amberflo SDKs

With SDKs, you get more control and immediate feedback (response codes). Additionally, SDKs include the ability to batch records and flush on demand.

Batching Records libraries are built to support high throughput environments. That means you can safely send hundreds of meter records per second. For example, you can chose to deploy the SDK on a web server that is serving hundreds of requests per second without compromising performance.

However, every call does not result in a HTTP request, but is queued in memory instead. Messages are batched and flushed in the background, allowing for much faster operation. The size of batch and rate of flush can be configured.

Flush on demand (Blocking call)
You can flush on demand. For example, at the end of your program, you’ll want to flush to make sure there’s nothing left in the queue. Just call the flush method:


Please note: Calling this method will block the calling thread until there are no messages left in the queue. So, you’ll want to use it as part of your cleanup scripts and avoid using it as part of the request lifecycle.