Amberflo Billing Cloud is a full-featured solution for modern billing models spanning full usage-based pay-as-you-go, to hybrid billing, and even traditional monthly fixed charges (subscriptions). It allows you to build and manage your product catalog and all pricing plans.

As usage is tracked in the (integrated) Metering service, the charge for that usage is automatically calculated based on the rates set in the active pricing plan. A metered invoice is generated showing all fixed charges, usage-based charges, and discounts.

Amberflo prepares the invoice which can then be distributed downstream to third-party systems such as Stripe for payment and ERP systems for accounting and revenue recognition.

Overlap with Stripe and other billing tools

See our transparent, usage-based pricing for Amberflo Billing Cloud here.

One important thing to note: Using Amberflo for billing and invoicing means that you do not need an active account with Stripe Billing or Stripe Invoicing. The only Stripe product that is required is Stripe Payments for collecting and processing payments from your customers' payment method of choice.

Stripe Billing includes a monthly charge of 0.5% of the amount invoiced.
Stripe Invoicing includes a monthly charge of 0.4% of the amount invoiced for each invoice.
Source: Stripe - Pricing

Amberflo Billing Cloud features

Build and Operationalize modern, flexible, hybrid or multi-dimensional Pricing Plans
Build with ease, custom pricing plans that fit your product portfolio and delight customers. Full featured Usage-Based Pricing and Billing Service designed from the ground up to work with metered usage data and pricing dimensions for real-time, on-demand, metered invoicing and billing.

Accurate Usage Reporting
Our Pricing and Billing Service sits on top of our Cloud Metering Service guaranteeing you accurate bill generation and elimination of remediation issues. See Highly Accurate

On-demand Invoice and Bill Creation
Delight customers with real-time, on-demand usage and bill generation.

Pricing Plan Versioning
Full life cycle of pricing plans. Migration, deprecation, customer association.

Audit Trails
Full audit trail of usage data pipeline and life-cycle from metering to billing.

Revenue Explorer
See revenue by meter, product item, customer and plan in real-time and as it accrues.

Payment Integrations
We provide out-of-the-box integration with Stripe Payments. Enable Payment option on metered invoices generated by Amberflo using Stripe Payment integration.

Seamlessly build and operationalize discounts and promotions.

Credits & Currency
Create your own currency (e.g. Credits or Credit Units). Have customers buy credits in bulk and draw down against credits with metered measurements.

Price Modeling
Not sure how a change to one or more dimensions of a pricing plan will impact revenue? Amberflo has you covered. Use our Price Modeling tool to test different pricing scenarios to help pick the most profitable for your business.