Usage Explorer

Real-time Dashboard of Aggregated Usage

The Usage Explorer dashboard gives you an out-of-the-box interactive view of usage segmented by customer, metered product features, or any custom dimension that has been defined.

It delivers to your finger-tips, real-time, actionable insights on -

  • who is using what resources
  • how much of each resource is being used
  • when are they being used
  • what is the usage/consumption pattern

Using the Usage Explorer you can select any time interval and see the usage data aggregated with percentage change to give you an accurate, data-backed view into how your customers are using your product (feature adoption), which areas are trending up or down, and is overall usage increasing or decreasing (at feature and/or customer level) so you can take proactive actions and inform product development.

Usage view by Meter (product feature or custom event)


Usage view by Customer