FAQs and How-tos

How-to Videos

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How to access your API key
How to customize the company logo shown in the Customer Usage and Billing Portal

Metering and Event Ingestion

How to measure a multi-step process using a duration meter
How to track seat-based objects in Amberflo
How to meter the number of active seats or users for a customer
How to understand dimensions in Amberflo
How to verify the accuracy of meter data
How to track and bill for "high watermark" usage
How to handle erroneous or incorrect meters sent to Amberflo
How to find the meter-id for retrieving and deleting a specific meter
How to delete meters that are no longer in use
How to handle high volume, high cardinality event streams

Pricing Plans and Product Items

How to associate meters with product items for use in multiple pricing plans
How to enable usage limits with Amberflo
How to see a customer's remaining prepaid balance
How to update existing pricing plans with new product items
How to delete a product item using the API
How to enable free trials with Amberflo
How to make a support package available as an add-on to our standard pricing plans
How to enable custom or negotiated per unit pricing for customers
How to meter and bill compute instance hours
How to meter the dollar amount being charged and use this for billing in Amberflo

Invoicing, Billing and Payments

How to bill customers in different currencies
How to resolve when a customer is issued an invoice but has not yet provided payment information
How to set up your Stripe integration in Amberflo
How to streamline/automate usage-based billing for serverless functions running across multiple cloud environments
How to understand the invoice grace period in Amberflo


How to integrate with AWS S3 for meter ingestion
How to integrate Amberflo with NodeJS Lambda functions
How to show billing and invoice information back to customers from my own application or website

If you have further questions that are not covered here, reach out to [email protected] and a team member will respond directly to provide assistance.


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