How to delete meters that are no longer in use

It's a common ask to delete unwanted meters or meters that are no longer being used, however we do not allow you to delete a meter that has an associated product item (ie. if that meter was used for billing). This is to prevent a pricing plan from being broken due to the deletion of a meter that is in use.

To take a meter out of use, go to the Meter view (select Meters from the main navigation menu). This will show you a list of all the meters you've created with their status (draft, active, deprecated). On the far right of each row, select the three dots (...) which will bring up the options shown in the screenshot. If there are no product items associated with the meter, you can select Delete to delete the meter. If the meter has been associated with a product item, then the Delete option will not be available, and you can select Deprecate instead to take the meter out of service.


If you need to remove meters from the list entirely (ie. looking to clean up the environment by removing test meters used during the POC phase once fully deployed to production), reach out to [email protected] for assistance.


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