How to make a support package available as an add-on to our standard pricing plans?

There are two easy options for offering an additional package (ie. support) as an add-on to a base or standard pricing plan.

The first is to duplicate your standard plan, and include a fixed-rate add-on for this pricing plan. You should name the plan Standard with Support or something similar. Then whenever a customer opts in to the support offering, you can assign them to the 'Standard with Support' plan, and the additional charge will be added to their recurring bill. This is most useful if the support plan has a standard cost that doesn't change across customers. If you expect to offer multiple different tiers or price points for the additional package, then another solution is more feasible.

Another option is to create a running count meter called 'add-on'; when the customer subscribes to the plan with the add-on, then send a meter value of 1. The meter value will remain at 1 until a meter value of -1 is sent (when the user unsubscribes). Then create a product item associated with the meter called 'Add-on' or similar, and define the rates for your support plans by tier, dimension, or any custom pricing logic you choose.

Here is an example using dimensions to offer multiple price points. Suppose you plan to offer three tiers of support package - gold, silver, and bronze. You would include a dimension with the add-on meter corresponding to the package tier (called package_tier), and then send meter values of gold, silver, or bronze, depending on what the customer selected when they subscribed. You would select 'per unit with dimensions' for the rate model and input the unique rates for the gold, silver, and bronze tiers. Then, when a user subscribes to a plan and selects which plan, this data is sent to Amberflo via the 'add-on' meter and the customer is charged according to their selection.

You also have the option to include an add-on that is based on a percentage of the invoice amount. So if you wanted to set the support costs at a fixed 20% of the invoice amount each billing period, Amberflo enables this.


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