How to verify the accuracy of meter data

Validating the meter event schema "on write" chould interrupt the pipeline and cause events not to be sent to Amberflo. Instead we allow users to validate "on read" and correct the event source if the format appears incorrect.

We recommend scheduling alerts to regularly verify that the data is being ingested in the correct volume and that the values are falling into the correct ranges. You can schedule jobs here or use our APIs to query the data directly here. A common strategy is to create a realtime alert that is triggered if usage changes by greater than X percent. This way you will be aware of any major changes or interruptions to the pipeline.

To verify that meters are being mapped correctly across all the objects in Amberflo, we recommend using the 'By Event' view. This view contains all information about the meter, the timestamp of ingestion, all properties and dimension values, and which product item, pricing plan, and invoice the event is associated with. If any of these items are incorrect, there may be a bug in the system reporting events to Amberflo. Reach out to Amberflo Support for help identifying and resolving the issue.


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