Pricing Templates

AWS-style Pay-as-you-Go (PayG)

Follow this template for a step-by-step guide to get started implementing an AWS-style pay-as-you-go billing model for your business. This guide will detail how to define metrics, track usage, and build flexible usage-based pricing models from your product catalog based on dimensions such as region, instance type, and availability zone.

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Zapier-style tiered pricing

In this template, we’ll walk through how to implement a tiered pricing model in Amberflo like Zapier’s. Customers select a pricing tier that corresponds to the number of tasks they need. They prepay for the baseline usage (the minimum number of tasks) and additional tasks are billed by block according to a tiered rate.

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Segment-style hybrid per tracked user pricing

In this template we’ll break down how to create an annual commitment with a 14-day free trial and how to create pricing based on the number of unique users like Segment uses. We'll explain how to track the number of unique users with a unique count meter and then build an annual commitment with the free trial.

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