AWS Marketplace Integration

Amberflo can automatically bill customers through AWS Marketplace.

Amberflo collects and aggregates usage, then computes the total amount due based on applied Pricing Plan. This amount to be billed is reported to AWS Marketplace as a usage-based charge priced at $0.01 per unit. The billing amount is submitted roughly every hour by subtracting the total amount due (based on the calculated invoice total across the associated metered usage) from the amount already billed (the amount submitted to AWS Marketplace).

AWS Marketplace is only receiving the amount due - all the Pricing logic is handled by Amberflo, so you're still enabled the full flexibility of the platform with use of promotions, rewards, credits, and other pricing options.

Some Things to Consider:

  • If an outage occurs and some usage is unable to be sent to AWS, Amberflo still collects these events and sends them in the next update to AWS when it becomes available.
  • AWS Marketplace only supports positive bill values so there is no way to decrease a bill in the event of an erroneous charge. To rectify this, Amberflo will stop submitting bills to AWS until the overcharge is drawn down to zero through continued usage, but the billed value cannot be reduced in AWS by Amberflo. Once the billable amounts become positive, then billing would resume as normal.
  • If a customer cancels their plan in the AWS Marketplace, AWS will send you a notification. Upon receipt of this notification, gather final usage data and submit it to Amberflo as normal. Once final usage data is reported and within 30 minutes of cancelation notification, deactivate that customer in Amberflo via API so we have time to submit final billing before AWS' 1 hour cutoff.
  • As part of your integration, consider going through the checklist provided by AWS to ensure things are working as expected.

Important: The Amberflo customer must be linked with the AWS Marketplace customerIdentifier obtained during the customer onboarding process. Use the Amberflo API/SDK/UI to add this value as a customer trait awsm_customerIdentifier.