Configuring AWS Marketplace Settings

How does it work?

Amberflo is using the AWS marketplace metering API To report usage.
You can create an AWS marketplace SaaS product offering (Subscription or a contract) and add a pricing dimension. Make sure the API name is matching the name provided in the Amberflo AWS payment settings and the unit price is $0.01.

Once the pricing plan and IAM policy is created in AWS you're ready to configure the AWS Marketplace payment settings in Amberflo.

Navigate to Payment Settings, click on Connect to AWS Marketplace and provide the following info:


This is the ARN that grants us permission to perform AWS Marketplace operations on your behalf. It is created during IAM credential setup.

AWS Product ID

After creating pricing plans on AWS Marketplace, navigate to the relevant product in the SaaS Product Management Portal. The Product ID can be found in the Product Summary section.

AWS Dimension

A step of creating the pricing plan on AWS Marketplace is defining the pricing dimensions and the associated cost. There may be multiple pricing dimensions defined for a plan. We need to know the dimension API key name that will be used to report the billed amounts. (For testing purposes, you may opt to use a dimension with a $0 cost.)

AWS External ID

This is an additional security setting to avoid “confused deputy” attacks on your AWS account. How to Use External ID When Granting Access to Your AWS Resources


Upon saving, the provided values are validated by using the ARN and Product ID to retrieve the associated Product Code needed for submitting usage and verify the Dimension is configured for the product.)