AWS Marketplace Address Feed

This guide is to help AWS Marketplace sellers to set up a data feed to sync your marketplace customer address to their respective Amberflo customer account. The data feed is published daily to a configured S3 bucket. Then create an IAM role to enable read access for the Amberflo AWS account.

Open the link in your browser and follow the steps under the Accessing Data Feeds section to configure the environment to receive the data feed.

Once you have subscribed to the data feed, you must assign Amberflo a role with the necessary permissions to access the data feed. You can create an IAM role and policy using the Amberflo CloudFormation template.

  • Download the Amberflo Marketplace Data Feed IAM Stack CloudFormation template.
  • Open a web browser, sign into the AWS Console, and navigate to CloudFormation.
  • Choose Create stack with new resources, then choose Template is ready followed by Upload a template file.
  • Now, upload the downloaded file and then select Next.

  • Specify appropriate values for the following fields and then choose Next:

    • Stack name: The collection of resources you create to enable access to data feeds.
    • AWS Account number: Enter the Amberflo AWS account number: 994970626209.
    • S3 Bucket ARN: The ARN of the bucket where the data feed is received.
    • Feed Processor Role ARN: Enter the ARN of the role from the Amberflo AWS account that processes the address feed: arn:aws:iam::994970626209:role/marketplace-marketplaceRole-1DWKS9LSYNBY4.
    • KMS Key ARN: The ARN of the encryption key used to encrypt the bucket.
  • Confirm your entries on the Review page and choose Create stack. This will open a new page with the CloudFormation status and details.
  • From the Resources tab, copy the IAM role ARN. Also, copy the S3 bucket ARN generated when setting up the data feed. Share these details with Amberflo to configure the sync pipeline.

After you have configured the data feed and created the necessary IAM role, reach out to Amberflo with the following details to configure the sync pipeline -

  • S3 Bucket ARN and AWS region: The ARN of the S3 bucket where the data feed is received and the AWS region where this S3 bucket is created.
  • Role ARN: The ARN of the IAM role that allows Amberflo access to the data feed.