Backfilling data into Salesforce

Upon the initial install of the Amberflo managed app, you will need to either backfill data from Amberflo into Salesforce or vice versa.

Import data from Amberflo

Run the sync job by executing the following script in the Salesforce developer console. See Installing Salesforce Managed App
(new AFLO.DownloadScheduler()).execute(null);

Export data from Salesforce into Amberflo

Since the Amberflo integration is already asynchronous and manages threads, we recommend running the insert process as a single thread or writing a batch job to do the update.

For example, creating an Apex trigger on the Account object to create or update an Amberflo Customer object. Run a batch job that updates all accounts in bulk to create Amberflo customers. This in turn will create async events and export data to Amberflo. See Async Events.