Customize Invoice

One common invoice modification is to group related product items into categories on the invoice, where consumption and billed amounts are shown both at the category-level and for individual product items. The model can be thought of as shown:


  • Product1
  • Product2
  • Product3
  • Product4
  • Product5
  • Product6

Customizing Invoices in Amberflo

Amberflo allows users to customize invoices by adding any number of categories and dividing the product items between them.

To begin, select Invoice from Settings on the main navigation menu.

Select the checkbox Combine Product Items into Groups.

Add as many categories as you would like and provide category names for each. For each category, select the associated product items using the checkboxes. An example of this is shown in the screenshot below.

After saving the selections, the invoice will be automatically presented with the new category structure you defined, as shown in the screenshot below.