Recalculating Invoices

Amberflo allows you to recalculate invoices in the current billing period with new prices. This action replaces the current open invoice of the customer with an invoice calculated with a new pricing plan on the existing usage.

Recalculating Invoices on the UI

On the customer details page, notice the Schedule button on the Pricing Plan box. When clicked, you will navigate to a page where you can assign a new pricing plan to a customer.

Notice the last option under Start Date: Start of current billing period

When a pricing plan is assigned with this Start Date option selected, the customer's pricing plan will be replaced from the beginning of the billing period and the invoice will be recalculated.

Recalculating Invoices through the API

This feature is also available at the API level. See: Assign a Pricing Plan to a Customer Endpoint

The startTimeInSeconds parameter can be passed in at the start of the current billing period to replace the pricing plan and the invoice.

Pricing for Recalculating Invoices

Amberflo allows 20 invoice recalculations per month across your whole account. After this free tier, each invoice recalculation is $0.99.

Overages will be reflected on your invoice at the end of the month.