Developer Walkthrough

This guide is to help developers get started with Amberflo by accessing the API key, installing an SDK in your language of choice, and completing the recipe of initial setup items such as creating customers and sending meters.


First, access your API key by selecting Settings -> Account from the Amberflo console. Here you will see your API key; copy this for use to enable the SDK.


Next, choose our SDK in your language of choice and install it.

$ pip install amberflo-metering-python

If you would prefer to interact with our APIs directly, the API Reference contains all the necessary information to configure Amberflo via API.

If you need to configure a meter ingestion stream from another location such as AWS S3, SQS, a database, or even a file, see our documentation detailing Ingestion options with step-by-step guides and example code.

Integrate with Amberflo

Once you have the API key and SDK installed, the next step is to begin taking action and creating objects in Amberflo.

Follow the recipe in your chosen language (see this Python recipe as an example) for a step-by-step walkthrough to create customers, create and ingest meters, and get a usage report.