Setup guide

Amberflo provides an out-of-the-box integration with Stripe for payment processing.

The invoice amount is sent to Stripe which handles payment collection.
Amberflo monitors the lifecycle and updates the status of Invoices in Amberflo in real time as it changes in Stripe.

To configure the Stripe integration, use the main navigation menu on the left to select Settings, then choose Payments. Select whether you integrate with Stripe in test or production mode.

Customers can be created automatically in Stripe (through Amberflo APIs), or, if you already have Stripe customers, you can update the Amberflo customer object with the customer-id from Stripe by setting the StripeId customer trait.
The Amberflo customer object will have a trait called StripeId that is used to associate between the Amberflo customer object and Stripe's.

	"customerName": "Monsters, Inc.",
	"enabled": true,
	"updateTime": 1648767962572,
	"traits": {
		"stripeId": "cus_LCEP3LBELibfSM",
    "paymentProviderName": "STRIPE"
	"createTime": 1631836633987,
	"customerEmail": "",
	"description": "",
	"id": "54a43bba-915d-4512-a0bd-9d9debe5555",
	"customerId": "54a43bba-915d-4512-a0bd-9d9debe5555"

If you choose to automatically create the Stripe customer, you can either use the Amberflo SDK or the API with autoCreateCustomerInStripe set to true.
In the UI, you can toggle the option to create in Stripe (image below):

If you already have the Customer in Stripe and you would like to set up the Amberflo customer with the payment information, copy the created Customer ID (cus_XXXXXX) from Stripe into the Amberflo customer tab to update the payment information.

Set up the default payment method in Stripe. For testing, you can use dummy credit cards.


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