Who is the team behind Amberflo?

Our founding team is from Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We were lucky to have a front-row seat at AWS as it built out its own cloud metering and usage-based pricing and billing infrastructure.

Our team is experienced in large scale cloud metering, distributed cloud computing data pipelines, and usage-based metered pricing and billing models. Amberflo's Cloud Metering and Usage-Based Pricing and Billing Services are delivered as a developer-friendly platform that is easy to setup and use, highly scalable, and cost effective.

Additionally, as part of building, launching, and scaling AWS services, we got firsthand experience on the playbook for how to build and grow businesses on the backs of usage-based business models. This is a profoundly different playbook compared to the old-school recurring subscription model, particularly when considering the alignment and information sharing needed across functional teams, and the modern toolset required to enable them. Our design approach and philosophy at Amberflo is shaped and informed by this experience.

We look forward to an opportunity to engage with you and also learn from your use cases and experience.