How to bill customers in different currencies

For companies serving customers around the globe, having the ability to bill customers in their local currency is a crucial capability. You can create custom currencies and define exchange rates for any global currency in Amberflo.

Assigning a Currency to Customers

Each customer in Amberflo has an assigned currency. The default currency in Amberflo is USD, so all backend calculations must be in terms of USD. But this charge in USD can be converted to another currency according to the customer's assigned currency.

Every customer in Amberflo is assigned a default currency which can be viewed and edited from the Customer view. This is the currency that the customer will be billed in. Amberflo will send the invoice to Stripe for payment and Stripe will convert from the invoice amount in USD to the customer's default currency, and then charge their payment method in that currency.


It is important to note that with this approach, product item rates must be defined in terms of USD as the conversion to another currency would take place after the invoice is calculated. To define the product item rates and generate invoices in terms of a different currency with Amberflo, you can create a custom currency and define the exchange rate to multiple currencies as needed.

Defining a Custom Currency and Conversion Table

First, navigate to the 'Custom Currency' view which can be found under 'Pricing' on the console navigation menu. There you can create a custom currency, give any name and abbreviation you like, and define an exchange rate between the currency and USD. USD is the default currency of Amberflo, so you must always define this conversion rate. Once you activate the custom currency using the toggle, all rates will be calculated in terms of that currency.


After creating your custom currency, select 'Setup Conversion Table'. There you can add rows to the table for each currency you wish to include. For each, define the conversion rate between your custom currency and the selected local currency. After activating the currency and the conversion table, you will see all invoices in Amberflo will be calculated in terms of the custom currency, and then the invoice amount will be shown in the customer's default currency according to the Conversion Table.



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