How to enable custom or negotiated per unit pricing for customers

There are two main options to enable custom pricing for customers. First, you can create multiple pricing plans, one for each price point being offered and then assign customers to the plans according to the rate they should be charged. You can then further customize or modify the price by creating and applying promotions for each customer. Promotions can be applied at the plan level or at the individual product item level. Creating a 'product item-level' promotion will allow you to further modify rates for a particular customer if additional negotiation or changes are needed. You are free to create as many promotions as you'd like with full control over the terms and duration.

Another option is to use per-dimension pricing and establish different rates for each unique dimension combination. Suppose a business is offering a data storage solution with different per-GB rates for storage depending on the region where the data is being stored. In this case, rather than create separate pricing plans for each region, you could add a dimension called 'region' to the meter tracking storage, and then each time data is stored, along with the customer and amount stored, send the {region value} with each meter event. When you create the pricing plan, for the Storage product item, use 'per unit with dimensions' or 'tiered with dimensions', and then define the price points for storage according to the {region value}.


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