How to enable free trials with Amberflo

There are several ways to enable free trials in Amberflo.

  1. Create a free plan with metered usage. Track customer usage with the Usage API ( Once the customer surpasses the free tier limits, redirect them to enter a payment method and select a paid plan.

  2. Create a pricing plan with a free tier and paid tier. You can use the concept of 'Included Units' for each product item, where you offer the first 1-X units free and from unit (X+1) onwards, begin charging the defined rate.

  3. Similar to #1, create a free plan with metered usage. Create an Alert to automate a push notification notifying when the customer has consumed the allotted free units. Notifications can be sent to the customer to upgrade via self-service or to account managers for traditional outreach.

You can offer further discounting and custom pricing options with Promotions (


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