How to enable usage limits with Amberflo

In many cases, customers want to offer a free tier or free trial to spur adoption and help customers realize immediate value. To convert these users to paying customers long term, there needs to be a way to seamlessly block continued usage once the free credits or units are all consumed and prompt the user to provide payment information and select a pricing plan.

Amberflo allows you to enforce the concept of usage limits using Alerts. Create an Alert at the product item level for the resource you are looking to limit. Amberflo tracks and aggregates realtime usage and will fire an alert when the limit quantity is reached. This alert can be a notification to an account manager or customer success team member, prompting them to engage with the user. The alert can also trigger a webhook which can be used to automate some downstream action within your application such as blocking additional usage until the user provides payment information or upgrades to a higher paid plan.


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