How to integrate with AWS S3 for meter ingestion

Amberflo provides you with an AWS S3 bucket with access rights and controls to write meters. Meters are automatically picked up for processing as they arrive in the bucket and any failure reports are written back to the bucket. This bucket is available to all customers upon request.

There are many options for writing data from your system to S3. You can use AWS S3 SDK, AWS SQS, AWS Glue, Logstash, Fluentd, and other tools.

You can save each meter event as a separate file or you can create an array of records saved as a single file. In this case, the URI should include the date in the "folder name" like so: s3://183-amberflo/ingest/amberdata/06-07-2022/0000a2e4-e6ad-11ec-8293-6a8da1c4f9f0, as this will make the data easier to search and troubleshoot later on.


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