How to set up your Stripe integration in Amberflo

Amberflo integrates with Stripe out-of-the-box for payment processing. The invoice amount is sent to Stripe, which handles payment collection. Amberflo monitors this lifecycle in realtime and updates the status of invoices in Amberflo as they change in Stripe. To configure the Stripe integration, you must already have an active Stripe account created.Use the main navigation menu to select Integrations, then choose Payments.

You will need to sync your customer base between Stripe and Amberflo. We provide a few different ways to do this:

Customers can be created automatically in Stripe (using Amberflo APIs) or if you already have created Stripe customers, you can update the Amberflo customer object with the customers from Stripe by setting the 'stripeId' customer trait. The Amberflo customer object will have a trail called 'stripeId' that is used to associate between the Amberflo customer object and Stripe's.

    "customerName":"Monsters, Inc.",

If you choose to automatically create the Stripe customers, you can either use Amberflo SDKs or the API ( with 'autoCreateCustomerInStripe' set to true. In the UI, you can toggle the option to 'Create Customer in Stripe'.

If you already have the customers created in Stripe and you would like to set up the Amberflo customers with payment information, copy the created customer-id (cus_...) from Stripe into the Amberflo customer tab to update the payment information.

Please note: a valid Stripe-id is required for prepaid functionality to work properly in Amberflo. If not, you will see this error upon ingestion:

    "errorMessage": “Invalid request: Customer missing trait called stripeId”

As a workaround for testing, You can to set up Stripe in test mode, than create a customer and copy the customer id (cus_…) to Amberflo customer payment information. Create a default payment as a test credit card in Stripe and use a dummy credit card number like 4242 4242 4242 4242.


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