How to update existing pricing plans with new product items

Amberflo can automate the process of transitioning customers to a new plan and deprecating the old plan. You can duplicate the original plan and add the new product items to create an updated plan. Select this plan as the Default plan, then the automatic process starts by deprecating the original plan and migrating all assigned customers to the new plan (a kind of versioning process that moves the customers between versions while deprecating the previous one).

It's important to note that the deprecated plans and migration of customers between plans take place only at the start of the next billing cycle. If you would like greater visibility and control over billing and invoicing, there is an option to review invoices and manually send them to Stripe after verifying the amounts (use the 'Send to Stripe' button on the invoice).

Can we recalculate the bill if we change the plan or pricing strategy mid-way through the billing period?

While there is a way to accomplish this, we advise that production accounts only do so in very specific exception/error handling use cases. This is because customers can see the usage and billing data in realtime, so it could be confusing to see changes to these values out of the blue. Normally, we would recommend that you transition the plan to the updated version which will start a new invoice.


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