Release Notes

This document will be updated on a biweekly basis with public-facing release notes. If you identify an issue or have a feature request, please contact [email protected].

September 29, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudCustom Aggregation for the Ultra-frequency meterAllow users to select which dimension groups are included in the aggregation of ultra-frequency meters
Billing CloudPrepaid Credits PrioritizationAllow users to define rules for which prepaid cards are prioritized, or consumed, first
Billing CloudShow billing dashboard after prepaid credits are appliedThe billing dashboard can show the amounts after prepaid credits are applied
Billing CloudSupport for Non-USD Base CurrenciesAllow users to select a base currency for the Amberflo account
Billing CloudCommitment RenewalAdded option to auto-renew commitments

September 15, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudAdd dimension restriction to the meter usage alertAllow users to restrict the meter usage alert scope to a specific meter dimension
Billing CloudExtend the expiration date of prepaid creditsAllow users to change the expiration date of an active prepaid credit card
Billing CloudPricing Plan TemplatesDeployed pricing plan templates to streamline pricing plan creation in the UI
Billing CloudCustom PromotionsAllow users to define a custom promotion within a commitment using any artifact from any promotion template

August 25, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudCustom Currency View on the Billing DashboardTables and graphs can now be viewed in terms of the system-wide base currency or the user-defined custom currency
Billing CloudCredits Ledger WidgetAdded Credits Ledger widget to the UI kit and the Customer Portal
Billing CloudDrag-and-drop Tool for Customer Portal CustomizationUsers now have the option to customize the customer portal appearance by dragging and dropping UI kit widgets

August 11, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudCustom DeduplicationAdded ability to have custom deduplication on a selected list of dimensions
Metering CloudComposite Resource IDsAdded ability to declare resource ID dimensions to have a composite key
Billing CloudPrepaid Credits Pie ChartImprovements to the prepaid credits pie chart showing used and remaining amounts
Billing CloudScheduling Pricing PlansOn the customer page, schedule a pricing plan to take effect in the future
Billing CloudMinimum grace period for invoices updatedSet the minimum grace period for invoice calculations to be 12 hours

July 28, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudAdvanced Commitment TemplatesAdded two additional commitment templates, one for custom prepaid credit schedules and the other for custom true-up schedules
Billing CloudMid-cycle Prepaid CreditsStreamlined the process for creating prepaid credits ad-hoc in the middle of the billing cycle

July 14, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudExport Data from the Customer PortalDownload cost and usage data from the Customer Portal as a CSV file
Billing CloudCommitment TemplatesAdded templates for common commitment use cases

June 30, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudMeter Creation EnhancementsStreamlined UI for meter creation
Billing CloudHidden PromotionsHidden promotions will not be shown on the invoice and will only be applied to the base price behind the scenes

June 16, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudAlerts EnhancementsAdded explanations and links to documentation for each alert type to the Alerts UI. Added a step-by-step wizard for alert creation
Metering CloudDrawer view for events on the 'By Event' UIEach event expands into a drawer view when clicked in the 'By Event' UI
Billing CloudCredits LedgerView all prepaid transactions for a customer in a single table view
Billing CloudStart and end times for promotionsApply promotions to a customer between a custom time range
Billing CloudCustomer TagsCustomer tags are similar to customer traits and are used to set up automatic promotions
Billing CloudAutomatic PromotionsAutomatically apply a promotion to a customer according to their customer tags