Release Notes

This document will be updated on a biweekly basis with public-facing release notes. If you identify an issue or have a feature request, please contact [email protected].

March 8, 2024

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudCost MetersAmberflo meters can now be used to track costs. Simply define Cost Items under the Manage tab and start ingesting events. The Costs Dashboard under the Analytics tab will aggregate costs at the customer and dimension level automatically.

March 1, 2024

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudCSV Upload to Ingest EventsEvents can be ingested through a CSV upload on the UI. Custom CSV fields can be matched to the Amberflo meter event schema.
Billing CloudPrepaid Subscription OrdersSubscription orders now support prepaid use cases. For example, a subscription for server instances can be paid upfront for the next 12 months. A prepaid credit card will be created to cover these subscriptions.
Billing CloudSubscription Support for All Meter TypesSubscription with Overages product item rate template now supports all meter types.

February 23, 2024

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudPrepaid UsagePrepaid cards can now be created in terms of usage. The purchased card will draw down from some usage, for example, 1,000,000 API Calls, until depleted.

February 9, 2024

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Salesforce Managed AppSalesforce WidgetsIntegrated quote form and details as a widget on the Salesforce Managed App. Salespeople can now stay within Salesforce and still create quotes and other billing cloud components on Amberflo.

January 19, 2024

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Quoting CloudCPQ Product LaunchQuoting service, also known as Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ), is built for usage-based and hybrid price books and supports modern entitlement terms such as prepaid credits, commitments, true-ups, multi-tier discounts, and more. It takes the guesswork out of modeling and sizing deals, and with its deep interoperability with Amberflo Metering and Billing Cloud, automates quote-to-revenue workflow by operationalizing the approved quote into generating accurate, on-demand metered invoicing and billing.
Billing CloudCredit Ledger EnhancementsAdded date, label, and transaction type filtering and sorting to the credit ledger.
Billing CloudPromotions HistoryAdded new screens and components to see active, scheduled, and expired promotions of a customer.
Billing CloudPricing Plan SchedulingResolved a bug regarding the scheduling of the pricing plans. The "Now" option on the UI will now apply the pricing plan to the customer from the beginning of the current hour.

January 12, 2024

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudPrice Modeling V2Updated the Price Modeling feature to better create sample pricing plans from a revenue goal and usage data. See full details here.

January 5, 2024

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudUpdated Meter Definition & TypesUpdated the meter creation flow with new types for usage and seat-based meters. See full details here.
Billing CloudUpdated Seat-based Pricing PlansWith the new meter definition and types, also updated the seat-based product item rate templates available in the pricing plans. The meters that are attached to your product items will now automatically present a form to configure pricing for the selected seat-based scenario.
Billing CloudSubscription Products & OrdersAdded new product item rate templates for subscription products where the customer can pay for a number of resources in advance and get charged for the overages.
Billing CloudInvoice CustomizationAdded ability to customize how the invoices generated on Amberflo look. Enabled options to add business name and address, customer name and address, customer traits, and a memo section to the invoices. Visit Settings / Invoice / Customize Invoice to change your preferences.

December 29, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudPricing Plan EntitlementsAdded entitlements, a way to keep track of features enabled for different pricing plans. Simply call the entitlements API to check if a customerId has access to a feature.

December 8, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudPromotion Usage AlertAdded a new alert type that notifies when a given amount of fixed promotion is consumed.
Billing CloudRescale Usage Data for BillingUsers can define a rescaling function to apply to usage data before it is rated in the billing cloud.
Billing CloudDefault lifecycle stage for new customersSet the lifecycle stage that new customers will automatically be placed in, unless it is explicitly defined otherwise when being created.
Billing CloudAdded new promotion templatesAdded new promotion templates for free trials, sales events, partnership programs, and custom promotions.

October 13, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudSend alerts to customer emailsAdded an option to allow alert notifications to be sent directly to the customer's email.
Billing CloudCustomer LifecycleAdded four customer lifecycle stages. Added APIs and UI components to move customers between states.

ONBOARDING - Only usage is tracked.
TRIAL - Both usage and billing data are tracked but the customer will not be charged.
ACTIVE - Both usage and billing data are tracked and the customer will be charged.
OFFBOARDED - Only usage is tracked.
Billing CloudChild Accounts under a Main AccountUsers can now log into multiple (connected) Amberflo accounts using one email login. Multiple child accounts can be created for development environments or different internal teams.
Billing CloudInvoice-ready webhook is available outside of StripeInvoice ready event will fire to any user-configured webhook once the invoice status is set to Ready.

September 29, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudCustom Aggregation for the Ultra-frequency meterAdded an option for users to select which dimension groups are included in the aggregation of the ultra-frequency meters.
Billing CloudPrepaid Credits PrioritizationAllow users to define rules for which prepaid cards are prioritized, or consumed, first.
Billing CloudShow billing dashboard after prepaid credits are appliedThe billing dashboard now shows the amounts after prepaid credits are applied.
Billing CloudSupport for Non-USD Base CurrenciesAllow users to select a base currency for the Amberflo account. The default was USD.
Billing CloudCommitment RenewalAdded option to auto-renew commitments. Also, added an option to set a deadline date for the renewal cancellations.

September 15, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudDimension restrictions for the meter usage alertAdded an option to allow users to restrict the meter usage alert scope to a specific meter dimension.
Billing CloudExtend the expiration date of prepaid creditsUsers can now change the expiration date of an active prepaid credit card.
Billing CloudPricing Plan TemplatesAdded new pricing plan templates to streamline pricing plan creation in the UI. These include Usage-based, Seat-based, Subscription, and Custom pricing plans.
Billing CloudCustom Promotions in CommitmentsAllow users to define a custom promotion within a commitment using any artifact from the promotion templates.

August 25, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudCustom Currency View on the Billing DashboardTables and graphs can now be viewed in terms of the system-wide base currency or the user-defined custom currency.
Billing CloudDrag-and-drop Tool for Customer Portal CustomizationUsers now have the option to customize the customer portal appearance by dragging and dropping UI kit widgets to different tabs.
Billing CloudCredits Ledger WidgetAdded Credits Ledger widget to the UI kit and the Customer Portal configuration.

August 11, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudCustom Meter Event DeduplicationAdded the ability to have custom deduplication on a selected list of dimensions. The events that have the same dimension values over a specified time period will be deduplicated.
Metering CloudComposite Unique (Resource) IDsAdded the ability to declare multiple unique (resource) ID dimensions to have a composite key.
Billing CloudPrepaid Credits Pie ChartRedesigned the prepaid credits pie chart to show the used and remaining amounts.
Billing CloudScheduling Pricing PlansAdded the ability to schedule a pricing plan to take effect in the future.
Billing CloudUpdates to the minimum grace period for invoicesUpdated the minimum grace period for invoice calculations to be 12 hours.

July 28, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudAdvanced Commitment TemplatesAdded two additional commitment templates. One for custom prepaid credit schedules and the other for custom true-up schedules.
Billing CloudMid-cycle Prepaid CreditsStreamlined the process for creating prepaid credits ad-hoc in the middle of the billing cycle. The users now have an option to apply the prepaid credits purchased in the middle of a billing period either to the entire billing period or only the rest of the billing period.

July 14, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Billing CloudExport Data from the Customer PortalAdded the ability to download cost and usage data from the Customer Portal as a CSV file.
Billing CloudCommitment TemplatesAdded templates for common commitment use cases. New templates include prepaid credit purchases, true-ups, and fixed subscriptions.

June 30, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudMeter Creation EnhancementsStreamlined the UI for meter creation.
Billing CloudHidden PromotionsAdded hidden promotions that will not be shown on the invoice and will only be applied to the base price behind the scenes.

June 16, 2023

Amberflo ProductReleaseNotes
Metering CloudAlerts EnhancementsAdded explanations and links to documentation for each alert type to the Alerts UI. Added a step-by-step wizard for alert creation.
Metering CloudDrawer view for events on the 'By Event' UIEach event expands into a drawer view when clicked in the 'By Event' UI.
Billing CloudCredits LedgerView all prepaid credit transactions (including additions and deductions) for a customer in a single table view.
Billing CloudStart and end times for promotionsApply promotions to a customer between a custom time range.
Billing CloudAutomatic PromotionsAutomatically apply a promotion to a customer according to their customer tags.
Billing CloudCustomer TagsCustomer tags are similar to customer traits and are used to set up automatic promotions.