Fixed Subscription and Hybrid Plans

Fixed Subscription and Hybrid Plans

Amberflo enables customers to build pricing plans that also have a fixed recurring charge per billing period.
Similar to a fixed subscription fee.

Pricing plans can be a pure-play usage-based, fixed subscription, or a hybrid, that is, fixed fee plus additional metered components. Our flexible Pricing Machine allows you to build any custom pricing logic needed.

How to add a fixed subscription charge

When configuring a pricing plan, you can choose the 'Fixed Rate Add-Ons' option. This way the metered product items will be charged based on the defined usage-based plan, but the invoice will also have the fixed charge added.

In the example below, you would select the option to add a 'Fixed Rate Add-On'.


That brings up the view shown below where we allow you to define the charge name, frequency, and proration terms.