Production and test accounts in Amberflo

We recommend creating separate development and production environments to facilitate testing and keep your production environment clean. The development account should be where you test all aspects of the pipeline and experiment with different strategies, then the production account should be for handling live transactions and contain active customers, meters, and plans.

For example, use the dev account to stress and load test the system with meters, experiment with different meter types and aggregation rules, and verify that customers are created correctly. Build and test pricing plans with Price Modeling to arrive at production-ready pricing plans.

After the metering and pricing strategies are identified and tested, build the operational meters and pricing plans in the production account. This will be where live usage is tracked and aggregated, and where realtime metered invoices are generated from.

Both accounts are considered unique Amberflo accounts and as such are eligible for the Forever Free tiers. This means each account receives 25 free invoices and the first 1,000,000 meter events free each month. We hope this incentivizes users to test the system and iterate with their pricing strategies freely.

As a best practice, create the production account using your standard corporate email. For the development account, create an alias, ie. [email protected]. You are free to invite other team members to join each account by assigning a role and entering their email address in the Settings menu. Remember, when adding users to the dev account, be sure to include the alias "+dev" with their email address.